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Eye Love Hue - New Beginnings Collection

Eye Love Hue - New Beginnings Collection

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Samantha, the artist behind the New Beginnings Paint Collection was inspired by being grounded, nature, and purity itself when curating her collection.

Eye Love Hue Paint is a rich creamy acrylic mineral paint that is perfect to transform furniture pieces and home decor items.  The coverage of a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint will depend on several factors, including the surface being painted, the thickness of the coat, and the application method. As a general rule of thumb, a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint can cover approximately 64 to 80 square feet of surface area with a single coat.

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus is our muted botanical green hue. A soothing addition to your neutral color palette. Adds subtle green with hints of grey-blue undertones to your canvas, furniture, or home decor. The perfect hue for a variety of aesthetics and color schemes. 

Majestic Mountain - Majestic Mountain is a livid medium blue-grey hue. One of nature's surprising and spectacular colors is captured in this moody yet sophisticated paintable hue. Easily worked into a variety of aesthetics and color schemes, from masculine chic to modern farmhouse. 

Thistle - Thistle is a captivating soft gray-purple paint color that will breathe new life into your furniture. Inspired by the delicate elegance of its namesake flower, Thistle brings a sense of tranquility and sophistication to any space. Its subtle gray undertones create a soothing atmosphere, while the hint of purple adds a touch of opulence. Whether used on a classic wooden dresser or a modern accent chair, Thistle transforms furniture into a statement piece, effortlessly blending with various styles and color schemes. Let Thistle grace your furniture, inviting serenity and grace into your home.

Willow - Embrace the refined beauty of "Willow," a khaki taupe brown color that adds sophistication to furniture and decor. Inspired by the grace of the willow tree, this versatile hue effortlessly blends warmth and elegance. Create an inviting ambiance with Willow's muted tones and balanced undertones, seamlessly complementing various interior design styles. Elevate your furniture with the timeless allure of Willow and enjoy its refined khaki taupe brown charm.

Ho Hum - Ho Hum is our version of nature's beige with slight yellow undertones. A great addition to your neutral color palette!

Spruce - A captivating black evergreen color that combines the darkness of night with the timeless allure of evergreen foliage. This rich hue exudes elegance and mystery, infusing any space or fashion ensemble with sophistication and a touch of nature's resilience. Spruce is a versatile choice that adds drama and sophistication to interior design, while also serving as a bold and confident option in fashion. Experience the captivating beauty of Spruce, a color that enchants the eye and stirs the soul.

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