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Eye Love Hue - The Lotus Theory Collection

Eye Love Hue - The Lotus Theory Collection

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Eye Love Hue Paint is a rich creamy acrylic mineral paint that is perfect to transform furniture pieces and home decor items.  The coverage of a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint will depend on several factors, including the surface being painted, the thickness of the coat, and the application method. As a general rule of thumb, a 16 oz jar of acrylic mineral paint can cover approximately 64 to 80 square feet of surface area with a single coat.

Golden Lampstand - This warm mustard yellow has a slight brown undertone and is one of my favorite colors, not only in my line but in general.  The name came to me immediately as I have been studying the book of Revelation. In it, there are seven golden lampstands that represent seven churches. The golden lampstand is not limited to this book, as references to it are sprinkled throughout the Bible, going all the way back to Exodus, and is often accompanied by the number seven, which is associated with completeness, perfection, and fullness. ~Bianca

Rose of SharonBiblically, the Rose of Sharon is mentioned in Song of Solomon 2:1, where the speaker says, "I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys." This verse is often interpreted as a metaphor for the beauty and desirability of the beloved, although the actual meaning eludes us to this day. Fun fact: The Rose of Sharon is not actually a rose but a hibiscus, with Sharon being a Mediterranean coastal plain.

Exodus - The color blue in the Bible is often associated with the divine, the heavens, and the covenant between God and his people. It is a symbol of hope, faithfulness, and obedience to God's commandments. ~Bianca

King of Kings - Purple is the color of royalty and prestige. In the time of Jesus, the dye was widely expensive and therefore, only worn by those with the means to afford this luxury, such as high-level officials, royals, the Roman Empire, and bishops. Knowing this makes me want to paint everything purple! I am grateful for the unrestricted accessibility of my favorite color. 

Proverbs 31 - The Proverbs 31 woman is a biblical figure known for her virtuous qualities, including her diligence, wisdom, and kindness. She is often celebrated as a model of feminine excellence and has inspired generations of women to strive for similar virtues. Similarly, the color purple has been associated with virtues such as wisdom, dignity, and spirituality. Both the Proverbs 31 woman and the color purple represent the importance of virtuous qualities and their ability to empower individuals to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. ~Bianca

New Jerusalem - New Jerusalem is a gorgeous shade of green that is rich in pigment and curated to represent emeralds.

In Revelation 21, The Holy City of New Jerusalem is described in glorious, artistic detail. Emeralds, along with several other precious stones, are used to create the foundation of the walls that surround this city.

New Jerusalem is often seen as a symbol of the ultimate goal of the Christian faith, which is eternal life in the presence of God. It is also seen as a symbol of hope and a reminder that, no matter what happens in this world, there is a better world to come. ~Bianca



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