About VFlex

Enter the realm of artistic freedom! VFLEX is the premier shop to discover an astonishing collection of arts and crafts supplies. Revel in unique crafts and DIY projects to create masterpieces. Embellish every nook and corner of your home with our spectacular line of products. Our craft shop offers masterfully crafted supplies to emphasize the beauty of your art.

Our line of products at VFLEX comprises appliques and onlays, decoupage rice paper, moldings, transfers, and acrylic paints to revamp the look of your furniture. Spruce up your abode with exquisite craft supplies in classic vintage themes. Reminisce on the old-time charm and get inspired to create something brilliant!


    Hi…received my order a few days ago and WOW!  Can’t wait to try more things.

  • Margaret Tallett

    It has arrived!! YAYYYYY Thanks sooo much. Love it all. That mould is beautiful. Thanks again.

  • Susan Embrich

    Thank you for sending my order so quickly. I can hardly wait to start my project.